First trip!


I just landed in sunny Florida for the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival!  Special thanks to Kevin Loughlin and Wildside Nature Tours for bringing me down to lead field trips here for the next 5 days!  So much FUN! I can’t wait!

Looking forward to seeing some great birds and meeting and reconnecting with lots of fun and exciting people on this first out-of-state trip for my ‘Mom’s Big Year’!

This weekend, as I was packing for this trip, creating lesson plans for the new job, keeping up (and attempting to get ahead) with household stuff, helping my kiddos with homework, researching my next ‘Big Year’ trips, shuttling the kids to basketball, orchestra rehearsal and scouts, and cataloguing the meals and kid activity schedules for my hubby for the upcoming week while I’m away…. it all started to become very real to me.. When I finally sat down to take a breather, I stared at my pile of unsent holiday cards and wondered how I could creatively alter the “2016” to read “2017” and just use them for next year. LOL! ;-P

While I know many of you juggle lots of responsibilities and are spread quite thin as well.. –Juggling THIS much is new territory for me and now is when the rubber meets the road. In all my preparations these last few days, somewhere between taking the last ornament off the Christmas tree, making a lasagne so they don’t starve while I’m gone,  and wrapping a gift for an upcoming kid sleepover birthday party– — This quote on the sticker pictured below kept entering my mind.

It’s a sticker my mom pasted to the back of my closet when I was about 5 years old. I honestly didn’t give it any attention ’til I was about 9, when I finally asked my mom what it meant.  She explained, and at the time, I don’t know that I really understood it even after her explanation.


This week, in the throws of what seems completely absurd to me,

—quite possibly for the first time in my entire life, Mom,

I. GET. IT.  🙂

Fasten your seat belts, my friends.. this is going to be quite a ride..

And I’m so happy you’re joining me on this journey!

xoxo, Nancy

9 thoughts on “First trip!

  1. Nancy, as I read the time on your entry (after midnight) and on my comment here (4:20 AM) I think of what a collaborator from BGE once said to me: “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” And before I go back to bed, you should know that I seldom comment on anyone’s writing even though I read with interest and enthusiasm, and I’m sure many readers are similar. So write on, and enjoy the (relative) warmth of Florida while you can!


    • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, Elaine! Thank you for your well wishes and all your support. It really means a ton to me! I love the quote! Yes- I’m guessing sleep will be in short supply for me this year. 🙂


  2. It was a pleasure to spend time with you at the Space Coast Birding Festival this week. I hope the weather there doesn’t negatively impact your visit too much and hope the snowstorm doesn’t negatively impact your getting home!


    • Hi Rita, It was a pleasure meeting you and birding with you as well! Thanks for the well wishes.. I made it home safe and sound by Monday.

      Hope our paths cross again sometime soon!
      Good birding!


  3. Nancy – it was great meeting you at the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival this past week. I appreciated your knowledge as you lead our trip but mostly your enthusiasm for your Mom’s Big Year and birding in general. I am going to attempt a big year in Florida thanks to your encouragement and inspiration. Best of luck on all your travels.


    • Hi Bert,

      Thank you so much for your kind comments. I am SO glad you have decided to do a Big Year in FL! Good for you! I know you will make some wonderful memories and explore some great places you may not have visited otherwise. Enjoy and keep me posted on how your adventures unravel!

      Good birding!


  4. Hi Nancy,

    I also met you at the Space Coast Festival (sat next to you on the Lake Apopka/Zellwood field trip). I hope your school term is off to a terrific start and that some awesome birding adventures are just around the corner!


    • Hi Camille,

      Thanks so much for thinking of me! I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day birding with you!

      Yes, all is well… I’ve been very busy with the new semester.. but I am truly loving it! I’ll be catching up on some blogging, laundry etc this weekend! Look for a new post re: Space Coast soon!

      Hope you are well and hope our paths cross again!

      Good birding, Camille!


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