Who’s Nancy?

DSC08929Nancy is an avid birder living in MD with her husband, Paul, and their 3 children. She started birding in 1986 when her high school chemistry teacher offered a birding field trip. After taking a 10+ year hiatus to raise a family, a trip to the Inside Passage of Alaska in 2014 rekindled her addiction.  She fell in love with Alaska and her feelings for the state are only rivaled by her love of Cape May, NJ. The birds and the people of Cape May captured her heart when she worked for The Nature Conservancy there doing work with shorebirds in 1993.

Nancy is passionate about working with environmental non-profits and teaching science to all age levels. In 2005, Nancy founded the St. Mary’s River Watershed Association in southern Maryland. She is currently a biologist at the North American Bird Banding Laboratory, serves on the Board of Directors for several organizations and teaches Environmental Science for The University of Maryland Baltimore County.

2 thoughts on “Who’s Nancy?

  1. Hello Nancy,

    I’ve been following your blog for just a bit now, and have known I’d reach out at some point, when the timing felt right. After reading your post today, the time just feels right.

    I want to share that you have been a tremendous inspiration for me. I am grateful that you’ve shared your story – including the challenges.

    I live with a progressive form of muscular dystrophy, and as my world has become smaller and smaller I’ve focused even more on the joys that birding brings to my life. Most recently, I’ve even been giving a bit of thought to trying my own modified Big Year in 2017. All of this is quite exciting, and has given me a sense of hope I haven’t felt in some time.

    Tomorrow morning I’ll be at Brookside Gardens taking pictures of the butterflies, and while there I’ll be sending so many good thoughts and wishes for your strength, courage, calmness, and peace. Along with so many good wishes for wonderful experiences at Cape May this weekend!

    No matter what I’m faced with, I often turn to music to sooth, comfort, and encourage. And that often includes music from Carrie Newcomer (a favorite of mine). As I read your post this morning, her song “You Can Do This Hard Thing” came to mind. I know today is busy for you, however if you have just a few spare minutes you can listen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHxRsSSeNBo (or through searching “Carrie Newcomer you can do this hard thing”). I believe you can do this hard thing.

    With gratitude and many blessings on your journey this weekend,


  2. I told you at the Space Coast Birding Fest that I would give you some marketing ideas for the book I hope you write. Remember birding is one of the largest outdoor activities in the country, and the question is how do you reach the avid birders. There are numerous Audubon clubs through the country. I would write each club and offer them a discount maybe 20%-25% ( it has to be significant) on your book price if they will purchase them. Advertise your book in all of the birding magazines. Speaking at Bird Fest should give you an opportunity to sell your book at the Bird Fest.
    You have a very interesting story to tell- so I would encourage you to write the book!!!


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