Heading west!

After a fantastic day yesterday birding the Nature Conservancy’s Love Creek Preserve with our friend, Martin, we’re heading west today!  SO thankful to Martin for spending the day with us and to the Nature Conservancy for allowing us access to their unbelievably beautiful preserve!  Pictures will follow. Bird # 300 was a Black-capped Vireo! Wooohoooo! 

We’ll be in Junction this morning and will bird our way west to Alpine to try for Elf Owl tonight.  Birding the Davis Mountains tomorrow. 

Internet is spotty.. But I will post again ASAP! 

I’m at 304 now… 400 here I come!!! 

Text me…

Said my final goodbyes to the kids last night before bed.. Texas here I come! 

I gave my youngest one final kiss on the forehead, turned out the light, and started walking out of his room. With his eyes half-closed as he began to enter dreamland he quietly uttered, 

“Text me when you get to 300,  okay mom?”

I can tell he REALLY gets it. 🙂 and boy do I feel loved! 

To the Mountains..

Headed out at 5:30 this morn to hit the mountains of western Maryland for Golden-winged Warbler and Henslow’s Sparrow.  Thanks to local bird club member, Kurt, for being up for the excursion and for doing the driving. 

Just got Common Raven for the year! 

Wish us luck! 🙂 

The REAL question….


I leave Sunday for the BIGGEST of the Mom’s Big Year trips so far and still have oodles of items on the to-do list.  I’m starting to accept the fact that they’re just not going to get done. I kept thinking I had another week and it dawned on me the other day that my plane leaves for Austin early THIS Sunday!

I texted one of my dearest and oldest friends yesterday and confided in her that with everything going on — I just didn’t feel quite ready for this big and exciting adventure.

Her response….

“But is Texas ready for YOU? ……..THAT is the question.”


Here’s to another 30+ years of friendship, Tamar!  Thank you for always dishing out EXACTLY what I need to hear when I need it most!

XOXO, Nancy



Work, birds, chocolate, laundry

My day in 4 words. Work. Birds. Chocolate. Laundry.

In that order. 🙂

Didn’t think I’d get to squeeze in some birding to day with end-of the semester grades due soon and lots of loose ends to tie up at work….. but I did!  And the little bit of birding I did do was quite productive.  Chestnut-sided Warbler in the yard, Olive-sided Flycatcher nearby and Common Nighthawks streaming in over Centennial Lake this eve.

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Peace, Love, Birds!


Life is never better for me than after a trip with LOTS of birds and dear friends!

I have SO much to say and so little time to say it….

But here’s a post I drafted on the plane ride home Monday followed by a busy week of soccer, baseball games, viola lessons, and finals for my class….. I’m FINALLY getting a chance to post it!

“The last 5 days went by in a flash.. and here I sit on the plane ride home….smiling, exhausted, fulfilled and exhilarated.

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Mom’s Big Year is… 

about to get BIGGER!

After several teary goodbyes to my youngest this morning….I showed up to class in my hiking boots, gave my students their last exam for the semester, plugged in their grades and went straight to the airport.  I’m heading to ‘The Biggest Week in American Birding’ at Magee Marsh in Ohio and I’m SUPER excited! 😃

Looking forward to reconnecting with old friends, making some new ones, and adding some new species to the MBY list!

Will report back soon!