Peace, Love, Birds!


Life is never better for me than after a trip with LOTS of birds and dear friends!

I have SO much to say and so little time to say it….

But here’s a post I drafted on the plane ride home Monday followed by a busy week of soccer, baseball games, viola lessons, and finals for my class….. I’m FINALLY getting a chance to post it!

“The last 5 days went by in a flash.. and here I sit on the plane ride home….smiling, exhausted, fulfilled and exhilarated.

I just finished leading fours days of bird walks at Magee Marsh in Oak Harbor, Ohio and bonding with birding friends old and new, near and far at The Biggest Week in American Birding. The ten-day festival brings together an amazing group of people, dedicated to birds, to each other, and to a strong and bright future for the birding world.

For those of you unfamiliar with it, there’s something VERY special about The Biggest Week (aka Warblerstock) and I believe you’ve got to experience it to fully understand. Kimberly Kaufman and the whole crew at Black Swamp Bird Observatory have created something that’s unparalleled in the world of birding. Huge note of thanks to Kim and her entire staff for all they do for the world of birds and birding!!

Special note of thanks to Kevin Loughlin, Wildside Nature Tours and to all my fellow WS guides, birders, and friends who have been SO super supportive of me during Mom’s Big Year and beyond! And thanks to Greg ‘Big Year’ Miller for his fabulous help with planning and to Adrian Binns, Gabriel Lugo and Erin Lehnert for driving me ALL over the place in OH to tick birds! I tallied 34 new species for the year with the help of ALL my Wildside friends this weekend. That brings Mom’s Big Year to a total of 255 species for the year so far! Thanks, guys!!! 🙂

I cannot WAIT to see my family again and miss my hubby and kiddos more than they will ever know..  But here I am.. Smiling ear to ear thinking about all the great times I had with the Wildside Nature Tours crew and all my dear friends from around the world at The Biggest Week in American Birding. I’ll admit, I’m shedding a few tears, because I do NOT want to leave… But despite the sadness, I’m guessing I’ll be walking on air for quite a while after this trip for sure. 🙂 ”

Peace, Love, Birds!

2 thoughts on “Peace, Love, Birds!

  1. I can almost feel the explosion of passion and knowledge embedded in these pics and text. I’m sure the joy during that week will be spread around. It already has eked into my corner! 🙂


    • Oh, you are simply the SWEETEST! I am sure having fun and love that others can feel that joy! Thank you!!! I’ll be in touch before I leave on my next trip! 🙂 N


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