Mom’s Big Year is… 

about to get BIGGER!

After several teary goodbyes to my youngest this morning….I showed up to class in my hiking boots, gave my students their last exam for the semester, plugged in their grades and went straight to the airport.  I’m heading to ‘The Biggest Week in American Birding’ at Magee Marsh in Ohio and I’m SUPER excited! 😃

Looking forward to reconnecting with old friends, making some new ones, and adding some new species to the MBY list!

Will report back soon! 

10 thoughts on “Mom’s Big Year is… 

  1. We loved meeting you at the Biggest Week and being a part of your big year! Our son reached 99 life birds, adding 23 bird species to his list. Thank you for your kindness, patience and encouragement. We wish you the best on you Mom’s Big Year!!


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