Twenty minutes to spare…


I spent yesterday’s environmental science lecture discussing the ins and outs of forest fragmentation and the impact of the edge effect on forest-interior dwelling species. Super fun for me as I had a chance talk about wood thrushes, cowbirds and such.  I usually keep my cell phone on the podium so I can watch the time… Unbeknownst to my students, I saw several texts come in about a juvenile yellow-crowned night heron that had just been discovered at Centennial lake.  🙂  It’s a bird not frequently seen in my home county and one I still needed for the year. I wanted to end class early and hop in my car…. but I resisted! 🙂

I made it home quickly after my office hours and had a small window of time to run over  (still in my work clothes) and take a chance at getting it.

DSCN1839 (1)
Photo courtesy of Kurt Schwarz

My son and I had to leave for his baseball practice no later than 4:15pm. And… I got the bird (YAY!) with 20 minutes to spare before we had to run off to baseball practice, viola lessons and a church meeting. Whew.

Thankful to squeeze in another beautiful tick in Mom’s Big Year! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Twenty minutes to spare…

  1. Love your posts! I gain energy just reading what you are able to fit into a day. Nancy, I lost your e-mail. We met at the Saw-whet Owl Morning Walk. I was your “pine-aisle” partner. I do have a couple of photos of you by the pines I could send to you. It was such a great day. My husband joined me for the afternoon session, and then for the American Woodcock that evening. If you like, you may “friend request” me on Facebook, and we can exchange further contact info.

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