Watersheds, crockpots and owls! Oh my!

I’ve been wanting to blog since my fantastic trip birding Poplar Island on the Chesapeake Bay last week but have been running full steam ever since. It was a really fun day out in the field, but I’ll have to save my report for another day.

The title listed above is today in a nutshell!  Watersheds, crockpots and owls, oh my! Sounds like a non sequitur doesn’t it?.. But isn’t a mom’s life simply a series of non sequiturs?  Actually, I think I’m a professional at non sequiturs…LOL.  Now I even know how to spell it correctly. 🙂

I started today heading to a conference at my favorite local birding spot, the Howard County Conservancy. I am *always* impressed with our Howard County students and today kicked it up a notch!  All 13 high schools presented the results of their 2016 Watershed Report Card.  I loved working on this stellar program last fall with the amazing staff and volunteers at the Conservancy.  Today was the culmination of all the efforts.  It’s days like this I am optimistic we will be leaving our planet in good hands. After the summit, I dashed home to throw short ribs in the crockpot and spent  a few hours prepping for tomorrow’s lecture on forest ecosystems. Then, by dinnertime, I ran out to meet a fellow birdclub pal to search for a screech owl, while the rest of the family enjoyed the shortribs.

Mission accomplished!


2 thoughts on “Watersheds, crockpots and owls! Oh my!

  1. I am enjoying your posts and photos! Life is full, but good!! Keep going!!! I would like to see a Screech Owl. Any suggestions…Montgomery, or Howard.


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