Heading west!

After a fantastic day yesterday birding the Nature Conservancy’s Love Creek Preserve with our friend, Martin, we’re heading west today!  SO thankful to Martin for spending the day with us and to the Nature Conservancy for allowing us access to their unbelievably beautiful preserve!  Pictures will follow. Bird # 300 was a Black-capped Vireo! Wooohoooo! 

We’ll be in Junction this morning and will bird our way west to Alpine to try for Elf Owl tonight.  Birding the Davis Mountains tomorrow. 

Internet is spotty.. But I will post again ASAP! 

I’m at 304 now… 400 here I come!!! 

2 thoughts on “Heading west!

  1. Awesome that your 300th bird was a Black-capped Vireo at Love Creek Preserve! Great bumping into you at Hornsby Bend and best of luck out west!

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    • Likewise, Rich! SO great running into you both. I was thrilled to be birding Love Creek and equally excited to get the Black-capped Vireo there! Hoping our paths cross again soon. Good birding!


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