Over the past few months, on several early morning coffee dates, my non-birding girlfriends have ever-so-patiently listened to me bubble over with excitement about my Mom’s Big Year.  They have been SO supportive and encouraging and have patiently listened to everything from my big picture travel plans right down to the detailed differences between a Franklin’s gull and laughing gull in winter plumage…      Quite the feat for a non-birding audience. 🙂

One morning a couple months ago, out of the blue, I received a text from one of those dear girlfriends, Sandra, with this photo attached.  


Sandra is simply lovely. She’s an amazing friend, artist, mom, and graphic designer and she created this collage as a gift to me- inspired by my journey.  Tears welled up in my eyes as I called to thank her.. I was deeply moved by her sweet gesture.  Every element of this artwork has a TON of symbolism for me…the word “FLY”, the bird cage, the birds on the wire, the colors… So exciting to wrap my mind around this. Whenever I look at it, I smile and cry, all at the same time. I will cherish it always.

With the support of people as genuine and generous as Sandra in my flock ;-), I know this journey is going to be nothing short of fabulous!  Today I’m rolling out my blog to a wider audience and I’m ready to FLY! 



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