It’s not too late!

a2c2b5305149b48faf2d578a335e89e4 participate in the 2016 Great Backyard Bird Count!  Lots and lots of stuff keeping me hopping this week.. so I’ll write more soon.  But I wanted to remind you all that this is happening NOW!

It’s a great opportunity for citizen scientists like you to share your bird sightings from your very own backyard! Who knows what you’ll see?! Feel free to share with us your favorite backyard visitors this weekend!

Here’s the link for more information and to register: 2016 Great Backyard Bird Count

Good birding and Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

Nature Nancy

6 thoughts on “It’s not too late!

  1. I submitted mine this morning! Nothing quite like an hours-long stroll with the one you love in the early morning hours counting birds together. It seems like spring here already too; everyone was singing!! Happy V-day and happy birding. 😀


  2. Great shout-out, Nancy. I’ve done this count every year since watching its inauguration by two good birders and good friends, one at National Audubon and one at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. It truly is a valuable citizen science project.

    And a great time occupier on this snowy day. Our Baltimore Oriole is still here chowing down on her fourth day with us. Today a creeper and a pine siskin visited us, and yesterday we had a pair of bluebirds on each of our 3 feeders simultaneously!

    Who needs TV?

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    • Thanks so much for commenting, Elaine.. Love it! You get the award for some fabulous feeder birds this winter! You must have some secret to success in your feeder food?! Well done and thanks for being so hospitable to the local birders coming by! Warm wishes and good birding! 🙂


      • We use Dave’s No-Mess Blend from Mother Nature’s on Oakland Mills Road: mostly hulled sunflower seeds and peanuts. Clare and Dave Horvath have been doing a land office business lately – I hope they don’t make enough to retire! ☺ We’ve had bluebirds galore since we started using that, because they can’t crack un-hulled seeds themselves. Also, there’s no shell mess to clean up afterwards.

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