Ready or not…


I’m trying this again. Last weekend’s pelagic is rescheduled for tonight and the conditions have all the makings of a great trip!

I’m heading to Cape May this morning, even though the simple thought of it makes my palms sweat, my heart race, and the hair on the back of my neck raise up. This week my driving anxiety ebbed and flowed… Some days much less comfortable than I expected after such great success last weekend.

That said, I’m still riding the wave and I’ve decided to try a route today that takes me over my biggest challenge yet on the Big Year bucket list-

the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

My carrot?

I need to add Piping Plover and pelagic birds to my year list.

And I’m determined to drive myself right over that stinkin’ bridge to get them.

The caveat?

I’m scared to death. 

Good thoughts welcome! ❤

15 thoughts on “Ready or not…

  1. Sending so many good thoughts your way, Nancy. You can do this! You’ve been such a source of inspiration. Be good to yourself… and remember to exhale. When we get anxious we often think to take a nice deep breath, and forget the greatest (calming) benefits come from the exhale. Wishing you a wonderful weekend… and a Piping Plover! 🙂


  2. So proud of you! Praying that you have a safe trip and see all the birds on your wish list as your gift for overcoming your largest fear! You can do it, Nature Nancy! Love ya!


  3. By now, you’re already over the bridge and on your way to a night on a boat with a serving of birds for breakfast! (You do know there are folks who are more afraid of the boat than the bridge…….)
    Bon voyage….


  4. I was always afraid of heights: looking out a second story window was a challenge. Then, when I was 22 I had to drive myself to Cape Cod from Arlington VA for work. Presently the George Washington Bridge in Manhattan loomed before me. Turn back in Manhattan traffic? Not a chance, so I had no choice. I made it across and bridges have been nothing since but a sense of accomplishment.

    I have no doubt you’ll do it, Nancy. You go, girl! You’ll have a lot of us behind pushing.



  5. You’ve got the support and encouragement of an army behind you. Keep those car wheels turning and ignore the sensations. Enjoy your piping plovers!


    • Interesting! (Adm Hopper lived in my apartment building, just across the Potomac from DC. I would see her in the elevator. Didn’t realize who it was til I saw piece on 60 Minutes.


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