And the winner is…

No… Sorry my dear friends.. I am not one of the lucky Powerball winners.. (But if you are.. please remember how much I do love y’all!)

Yesterday, I felt like I did win though… all $1.5 billion.

Well, almost. 😛

Apparently my lucky owl socks do NOT work on Powerball.. BUT they DO work on Snowy Owls! (and on Loggerhead Shrikes, and Greater White-fronted Geese too!)

This pic taken yesterday in Kent Narrows, Maryland is worth the rest of today’s post. Always a treat to see one of these beauties!

photo 2
Photo by Gerald Barton, 1/14/2016

A huge note of thanks to fellow bird club member, Anthony VanSchoor for driving out to the Eastern Shore with me to catch the three state rarities and to Gerald Barton from Philly for kindly sharing the fantastic photo of yesterday’s bird!


5 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Nancy- Really enjoying your blog!!! I guess the Snowy Owl beats out the Bald Eagles at Wilde Lake!! Saw 3 of them yesterday- 2 mature ones and a juvenile.


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