I bought this stone last spring, just after the Mom’s Big Year seed had been planted during a fun and inspiring conversation with Greg Miller*. I had time on my hands at that point.. enough time to pick this stone up and put it down 7 times before I finally decided to treat myself and buy it.  Since then, my ‘Imagine’ stone has fueled dreams of flying off to far away and exciting places all over the country to see rare birds and equally exciting people.

I no longer have the luxury of extra time, as this week I begin prep for my first big trip of Mom’s Big Year.  Now everything is kicking into gear.

All. At. Once.

This week, my different worlds– the new job, Big Year birding and planning, mommyhood, household chores, and traveling to lead trips, have all intersected. Reality has set in and I’ve had to cut loose some opportunities to chase some rarities around the state. I’ve had to accept the fact that some of those dreams spurred by the stone (like seeing a vermilion flycatcher in MD!) may or may not actually come true. But I guess that’s OK..

It just makes the the times when one of those dreams does come true- That. Much. Sweeter…. Right?

Deep breath.

Now, perhaps I need a new stone that reads, “Let’s roll.”


*For those of you unfamiliar with the name, Greg Miller did a Big Year in 1998. His story was part of the 2004 book written by Mark Obmascik and was made into a Hollywood movie in 2011 starring Jack Black, Steve Martin, and Owen Wilson.


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