Break in the birding

I’ll get back to the report on the Texas trip soon! But this weekend was reserved for some overdue family fun time.  While Mom’s Big Year includes a ton of birding (of course), it also includes a ton of “mommying”.  And this weekend it was all about the mommy stuff.  Continue reading

Knock at the door?

This afternoon I heard what I thought was knocking at our front door. Figuring it was the UPS man with a holiday package, I flung open the door and was surprised to find no one there.  Soon after, I heard the knocking again and discovered it was coming from the other side of the house. I peered out the kitchen window and found a hairy woodpecker drumming away on our cedar siding! She flew away before I could get a pic, but this gives you a general idea of what I saw…

Not the holiday package I was expecting.. but I’ll take it any day!

Just pleeeease don’t look too closely at the holes in our siding.  ;-P


Thanks to fellow birder, Bonnie Ott, for the use of her photo.

Enjoy the start to the holiday season, everyone!

xo, Nature Nancy