Break in the birding

I’ll get back to the report on the Texas trip soon! But this weekend was reserved for some overdue family fun time.  While Mom’s Big Year includes a ton of birding (of course), it also includes a ton of “mommying”.  And this weekend it was all about the mommy stuff. 

No running after the Mississippi Kite when it was spotted this afternoon, or the Trumpeter Swan that’s been jumping from pond to pond throughout the county.

Concert with my daughter last night, birthday shopping with my youngest this morning, working in the yard with my middle this afternoon, and dogs and burgers on the grill this evening. It was a much needed kick-back and relax with the family kinda weekend.

Planting with my middle this afternoon

While planting with my son in the yard, we were serenaded for several hours by our backyard Red-eyed Vireo and Ovenbird.  It was a great opportunity for him to practice their songs and fun for me to hear him sorting them out.

Concert with my teen
IMG_7632 (1)
Sat night grillin’
Family movie night

And I may or may not have taken a nap this afternoon. You guess! ;-P

Now, it’s time for family movie night!

Enjoy the weekend, everyone! 🙂 More on the Texas trip soon!


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